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Lucia Malavaze   

Athlete Professional Ifbb Pro League

Model and Online Coaching

  • Athlete: @Teamatlasmtl

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The  art of teaching

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Team LuMalavaze 

I started teaching pose classes to athletes in 2016 when aida was part of another federation, I was always passionate about teaching, my way of teaching pose is simple, easy and fast, I like to teach step by step, so it's easier for my clients to learn, I like to develop the pose for my clients within their limitations,  Each body has its physical structure!

for me there is nothing more satisfactory than watching my clients go on stage and shine more than star in the sky!

And for me as an athlete, I know how important it is for you to go on stage confident in your pose, get on stage prepared physically and mentally, for my clients I like to give as much information as possible, so that on the day your show is very well oriented with as much information as possible!

There is no greater satisfaction than watching my clients shine on stage, and having the blessing of being part of an important day so important in their lives, it fills me with joy!

What I always say as my clients, you are capable of anything, just need to believe!

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Services offered

  • Diet /Nutrition / Workouts 

  • Lifestyle 

  • Contest Prep 

  • Stretching Classes 

  • Stomach Vacuum Classes 

  • Pose Classes for Athletes​

 I will help you improve mentally and physically!!!

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